Rams News: Bobby Wagner Advocates Against Potential Rule Change Of Ejecting Players For Illegal Hits
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL, like every major professional sports league, has continually looked to change or improve existing rules in order to make a better product for fans.

Player safety is always at the forefront of these changes, as evidenced by the league’s recent emphasis on how concussions are handled. In relation to concussions, the NFL has also recently discussed implementing changes to illegal hits including roughing the passer calls.

NFL executive Troy Vincent said at the league’s annual meeting that the competition committee would consider making roughing the passer calls reviewable and in turn potentially ejecting offending players. Word of the potential rule change was met with mixed reviews especially from Los Angeles Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner who voiced his opinion via his Twitter account:

Wagner knows a thing or two about tackles as he is one of the NFL’s most renowned enforcers in the middle of the field. From Wagner’s point of view, there’s nothing wrong with the current rule where players are assessed a foul and the offense is rewarded a free first down.

Roughing the passer calls have drawn the ire of fans in recent years as it has resulted in some very questionable calls that have swung the tides of games. It’s understandable that the league would like to protect quarterbacks from serious injury, but it’s arguably gone too far in their favor as pass rushers are given even less leeway to make hits despite clean technique.

For the time being, the current rules will be in place as any changes would need to be voted on at the league meeting next offseason. Between now and then, expect more players like Wagner to come out and weigh in on the topic.

Bobby Wagner moves to 10th all-time in tackles

While the Rams’ 2022 season has gone down the drain due to numerous injuries and inconsistent play, Wagner has been one of the team’s lone bright spots. Despite being in his first year with Los Angeles and having to learn a new scheme, Wagner remained as dominant as ever for the defense.

In the win against the Las Vegas Raiders, Wagner recorded 14 tackles (six solo). It was a gutty performance from Wagner, and in the process he moved to 10th all-time in tackles as well as recorded his 11th consecutive season recording over 100 tackles.