Rams Make No Moves At Trade Deadline; Cam Akers’ Future In Organization Still Uncertain
Los Angeles Rams running back Cam Akers (3) moves the ball against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium.

The NFL trade deadline came and went on Tuesday afternoon and ultimately the Los Angeles Rams decided not to make a move.

Currently sitting at 3-4, it’s no secret that things haven’t gone as planned for the Rams this season. They have a number of needs such as running back, offensive line, wide receiver, pass rusher and cornerback and with that were linked to a lot of big-name players leading up to the deadline.

Without a 2023 first-round pick at their disposal though they were limited in assets. It would have been impossible to address all of those needs, so instead, the Rams addressed none of them and held onto their draft capital for the future.

Additionally, after a recent falling out with running back Cam Akers, many thought the Rams would find a deal for him ahead of the deadline. They weren’t even able to do that though so he remains on the roster. But according to Josina Anderson of CBS Sports, Akers would like to move on from the Rams as well:

Akers took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to express his desire to return to the playing field after the Rams sat him out the last two days:

The Rams can save some money by cutting Akers so that is the likely scenario here, which would be an unfortunate ending for the former second-round pick in an L.A. uniform.

Outside of Akers though, it looks like the Rams roster will remain the same for the rest of the season. It will be up to the guys in that locker room to turn things around or risk missing the playoffs altogether in their Super Bowl defending season.