Rams Finish 20th Overall In NFLPA’s Annual Players Survey Report Cards
Stan Kroenke, Sean McVay, Rams
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, the NFLPA began a new initiative in which they polled players in order to grade teams in a number of different categories. Everything from the coaching and training staff and facilities to food, travel and ownership is graded and so far the results haven’t been great for the Los Angeles Rams.

Last year, the Rams finished 25th out of 32 teams and while there was a slight improvement this season, the Rams remain closer to the bottom coming in at 20th overall. High grades for the head coach, training staff and strength coaches helped offset poor grades for the locker room, food and treatment of families.

Here is a breakdown of where the Rams graded out in each category.

Treatment of Families

The Rams provide a family room at the stadium and daycare on game day, but received a D grade, ranking 22nd overall.


The Rams ranked 31st overall in food taste and 28th in food freshness, receiving a D grade and ranking 29th out of the 32 teams. Additionally, a third of the players felt the Rams didn’t have enough seating in the cafeteria.


The Rams received a C+ grade overall, but that ranked just 26th in the NFL. However, 85% of players did feel like they got an individualized plan, which ranked 15th in the league.

Locker Room

Only 74% of Rams players feel the locker room is big enough and 79% feel they have enough room in their individual lockers, which ranked 25th and 22nd in the NFL, respectively. Overall the Rams received a D+ grade, ranking 25th overall.

Training Room

The Rams received a C- grade coming in at 28th overall. While most players felt they had enough full-time trainers and physical therapists, only 35% of players felt they had enough hot tub space and just 39% felt they had enough cold tub space. Both of those ranked dead last in the NFL.

Training Staff

The training staff received a B grade, coming in at 17th overall in the NFL. 84% of players felt they receive enough 1-on-1 treatment and the players overall feel the staff moderately contributes to their success.

Weight Room

Rams players feel like the quality of equipment in the weight room is average and that there is not enough space overall. Additionally, the majority of Rams players feel the team’s facility is no better than off-site locations where they could be training. Overall the Rams received a C- grade and came in at 28th overall.

Strength Coaches

The Rams’ head strength coach received the third-highest individual grade of all teams and 93% of players feel like they get an individual plan. Players feel like the strength coaches significantly contribute to their success and overall they received an A- grade, 10th in the NFL.

Team Travel

The Rams ranked ninth overall in team travel receiving a B- grade. 98% of players feel like they have enough personal space during travel, which ranked second in the NFL and the team does not require players to have roommates on road trips.

Head Coach

Sean McVay received an A grade from his players, ranking fourth overall in the NFL. McVay received a 9.63 individual rating out of 10 and 96% of Rams players believe McVay is efficient with their time, which ranks eighth. Players also feel McVay is very willing to listen to them in the locker room.


Team owner Stan Kroenke received a C+ grade, ranking 22nd in the NFL. Kroenke received a 7.9 rating out of 10 from the Rams players when considering his willingness to invest in team facilities. The Rams have been using temporary facilities for a number of years and despite promises of a new permanent facility, the team has yet to break ground.