Raiders News: Jason Tarver Apologizes For Behavior On Sunday

Following the win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, one of the most talked about things that went down at Coliseum was defensive coordinator Jason Tarver losing his cool on the sidelines.

Tarver was caught on camera flipping off the referees after a flag was thrown on cornerback Mike Jenkins for a hit on a defenseless receiver. Tarver clearly disagreed with the call and had no problem expressing his feelings about it to the refs.

On Monday, Tarver apologized for his actions during the game against the Steelers with the following statement:

“I apologize for my action on the sideline of yesterday’s game. It was in the heat of the moment and I regret drawing attention away from the Raiders players and what they accomplished.’’

Even though Terrelle Pryor stole a lot of headlines for his historic 93-yard run, the video of Tarver being caught flipping off the refs became a hot topic after former NFL referee and current NFL rules expert for Fox, Mike Pereira, reported it to the league office.

Pereira said the following about Tarver’s actions via

“Seriously, though, a play took place in the Pittsburgh-Oakland game that was absolutely unacceptable and unprofessional. It actually happened on the sideline and it wasn’t by a player, but rather by a coach. And I was so angry, I called the league office about it.”

With Pereira notifying the league of his actions and the video of Tarver flipping off the refs all over social media, it’ll only be a matter of time before the defensive coordinator is fined by the NFL. The league will likely look to make an example of Tarver with a fine that will be substantial.

(h/t Raiders Tribune)