Pink’s Hot Dogs Raising Money For LA Rams Foundation During Super Bowl Week
Pink’s Hot Dogs has repainted its 82-year-old hot dog stand Blue and Gold, and Pink’s is now selling a Champion size Blue and Gold hot dog with the works for $6.50 and is donating 100% of the sales proceeds for 11 days to the LA Rams Foundation.

The city of Los Angeles has been spoiled in recent years with the success of their sports teams with the L.A. Lakers and Dodgers both winning championships in 2020.

Now, the Los Angeles Rams have a chance to join them after they have made Super Bowl LVI, which will be played in their home SoFi Stadium next Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Even though the Rams haven’t been in L.A. as long as the Lakers and Dodgers, the city has still shown them tremendous support during this playoff run and now ahead of the Suoer Bowl.

Among the support they have received is from the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs. They recently announced that they painted their stand blue and yellow in support of the Rams and are also selling hot dogs to support the team’s foundation during Super Bowl week:

The LA Rams Foundation does tremendous work in the local community, so it is good to see they will be receiving some support from one of the most famous food places in the city.

Pink’s is located in Hollywood for those looking to not only get the best hot dogs in town, but also help the LA RAms Foundation in the process.

One the field, the Rams certainly have a tough task ahead of them against Joe Burrow and the Bengals. If they can pick up one more win in their home stadium though, then they will complete the trifecta of Los Angeles championships in the last couple of years.