PHOTO: Nike Puts “NC Panthers” Logo On T-Shirt

USATSI_7373538_154224518_lowresApparently, it’s difficult to differentiate North and South Carolina.

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Just ask Nike.

On the store website, Nike was selling Carolina Panthers T-shirts which is perfectly fine. However, the T-shirt had “NC” letters on a silhouette of South Carolina, along with a Panther logo. Oops, someone clearly made a mistake and no one noticed until it was too late.

Here’s a photo, courtesy of Scott Fowler:

There are obviously many ways to interpret this blunder. Did Nike think the Panthers play in South Carolina? Or that North Carolina’s silhouette looks like South Carolina? A picture says a thousand words.

Nike has since taken down the T-shirt from its online store, but fortunately someone received the now limited-edition T-Shirt and took a picture for all of us to enjoy.