NFL Trade Rumors: Should Raiders Consider Trade For Maurice Jones-Drew?


The Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t going anywhere this season with the San Diego Chargers handing Chad Henne and company their seventh straight game on Sunday in Week 7.

With the Jaguars still winless halfway through the 2013 NFL season, there’s no question something needs to change in order to right the ship in Jacksonville. Unless a miracle happens, this season is already over for the Jaguars and now is the time to start seriously considering trading three-time All-Pro running back, Maurice Jones-Drew.

According to Pro Football Talk, Jaguars GM David Caldwell is no longer sticking to his no trade stance for Jones-Drew. Caldwell will  trade Jones-Drew before the NFL trade deadline (Oct. 29) at the right price and the Oakland Raiders might be a good fit for the three-time Pro Bowler.

The Raiders already have a Pro-Bowl-caliber running back in the form of Darren McFadden. The veteran back has the potential to be one of the best at his position in the NFL when healthy, but his production has been on the decline for years and is currently in the final year of his deal with the team.

At this point in time, the writing appears to be on the wall in Oakland in terms of the team likely not re-signing McFadden. Although McFadden vowed to prove himself this season, it just simply hasn’t happened in the first six games of the season and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon with a nagging hamstring injury.

With that being said, the Raiders may show interest in Jones-Drew to fill the void at running back. Jones-Drew has also been an injury prone back with an incredibly high upside, but the team clearly seems to be leaning toward parting ways with McFadden and may favor the UCLA alum.

As of right now, it remains unclear in terms of which teams around the NFL will be interested in Jones-Drew. There’s plenty of teams with at this point in the season with injury issues at running back and that might be willing to take a run at Jones-Drew, but there’s still no indication on whether or not the Jaguars will be able to move him before Oct. 29.

(h/t Raiders Tribune)