NFL Odds News: Where Can Rams Fans Bet Legally Online In The US
Online sports betting is now legal in 38 states, Wasgington DC, and Puerto Rico.

As California edges closer to legalizing sports gambling, bettors’ anticipation of the opportunity to legally wager on games is growing, particularly among the fervent followers of the National Football League (NFL). Despite the Los Angeles Rams not being the favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2024, the sporting community’s heightened interest highlights a significant evolution in the sports betting landscape.

Football, the most widely bet sport in the USA, captivates fans with its unpredictability and sheer excitement. It draws both seasoned and casual bettors into the thrill of betting on every touchdown, interception, and field goal.

In California, celebrated for its expansive cities and rich sports culture, the impending legalization of sports betting is set to unlock new possibilities for fan engagement and generate substantial revenue for the state. This development offers a particularly captivating prospect for Rams fans and bettors alike. Although the team may not lead the betting odds for the upcoming NFL season, a deep understanding of football’s complexities presents a broad spectrum of betting opportunities, from individual player performances to game outcomes and overall team achievements.

The potential legalization signifies a broader acceptance and integration of sports betting into the essence of the fan experience, reflecting its growing prevalence nationwide.

Who Can Legally Wager Online?

Currently, 38 states, including Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico, permit some form of legal online sports betting in the US. While Delaware offers online casinos and casino games, it notably does not allow online sports betting. In contrast, Oregon prohibits online casinos and poker, though online sports betting is legal there.

Rams fans in New Jersey will be glad that the state boasts the largest market for regulated online gambling nationwide, with an annual value of $225M. This offers a variety of online casino sites and betting options, facilitating wagering on the NFL season and playoffs.

After major casinos introduced online gambling sites in May 2019, Pennsylvania has witnessed growth in this area, including sports betting. Many PA mobile casino apps that are optimized for mobile devices have been launched in the last few years.

Delaware was the pioneer state in launching online gambling after overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018. It features three online casinos with sportsbooks, although none have yet launched a mobile app.

The advent of mobile apps has streamlined the process for football bettors to place wagers from any location. This convenience is now available in several states, such as Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

Iowa exemplifies the rapid establishment of online sportsbooks, launching online sports betting with five sportsbooks in August 2019. The state requires in-person registration at a partnered casino, a stipulation that expires at the end of 2020.

Colorado has recently joined the list of states legalizing online gambling, with online sports betting starting in May 2020. This could provide up to 33 online sportsbooks for Rams fans to bet on yearly.

Despite lacking any physical gambling venues, Tennessee has initiated an online betting platform after legalizing online sports betting in April 2019, with sites going live in 2020.

Who Cannot Wager Legally Online?

Due to ongoing legal restrictions, rams fans in Los Angeles cannot bet on the team. However, there is optimism as California contemplates legalizing sports betting, which could soon transform the state’s gambling landscape. A 2022 initiative to legalize mobile wagering was overwhelmingly rejected by voters, leaving the future of sports betting in California mainly in the hands of tribal gaming interests.

State Updates on Sports Betting:

  • Minnesota: After a 2023 legislative effort collapsed, proponents aim to introduce a new bill in 2024.
  • Texas: A bill passed the House in 2023 but stalled in the Senate. It will be revisited when the legislature meets again in 2025.
  • Missouri: Republican Senator Denny Hoskins is blocking legislative progress, primarily over including video lottery terminals (VLTs).
  • Alabama: Efforts faltered in 2023, and with a gambling bill moving forward without sports betting in 2024, the outlook remains dim.
  • Georgia: Despite previous bills nearing passage, political challenges have thwarted efforts. A new attempt in 2024 is underway but faces uncertain prospects.

The transformation of the online sports betting landscape, especially for NFL and Rams fans across the US, marks a departure from the days when Nevada held a monopoly on digital offerings. As more states move toward legalizing gambling, the array of options for bettors is set to expand significantly.