NFL News: D.J. Williams is Bitter About Suspension

USATSI_8000124_154224518_lowresThe Monday after the Broncos’ match-up against the Carolina Panthers, Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams will return to the team after a nine-game suspension handed down by the NFL league office.

After Williams gave drug testers urine samples that were not his own, he was suspended for six games for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy. He was then suspended three more games after his second drunk-driving conviction.

Williams has not liked how his suspension was handled and believes that people will think that he was suspended for using PEDs, which isn’t true. However, it does seem like Williams made an extra effort to try to get around giving testers his own urine samples.

According to the NFL, Williams was tested twice in 2011 and the urine samples given to testers were not human. Furthermore, when a tester showed up again in November of last year, he said he saw Williams holding a bottle near his waist while submitting his sample. Williams refused to give the tester the bottle which was likely a clean urine sample.

Regardless of what went down, Williams still believes he got a raw deal according to NBC Sports. 

“For the rest of my career, I’ll have an asterisk beside my name, saying that I used performance enhancers or steroids or whatever,” Williams said. “People forget that when I was 16, I was 6-2, 225. I went to Miami at 233 [pounds]. My dad is huge, my mom competes in fitness and body competition – that’s the genetics that I have gotten passed on. It sucks because I’ll always be questioned on my ability and what I do as if I did steroids.”

Williams still hasn’t tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, but one has to wonder why he would go through all the effort to give testers urine samples that were not his own if he was, in fact, clean like he claimed to be.