NFL News: 49ers LB Aldon Smith Sentenced To 12 Days In Jail


In the end, things could have been a lot worse for Aldon Smith, but at least now he finally knows his fate.

According to Tracy Kaplan of the San Jose Mercury News, the San Francisco 49ers star defensive end was sentenced to 12 days in prison with three years of probation stemming from a DUI and felony weapons charges:

By pleading no contest to three felony weapons charges, Smith was able to get those charges reduced to misdemeanors, a huge point in why he was able to avoid major jail time.

Smith will now serve on work crew every Monday until his 11 days are up as he gets credit for one day served. He must also serve 235 hours of community service and pay a $2,000 fine. While on probation, Smith is not allowed to own a weapon or ammunition.

While Smith was fortunate to not be sentenced to a longer time in jail, the NFL will still be reviewing the case under their personal conduct policy.

Due to Smith’s previous off-field issues, it is likely that he will receive a suspension from Commissioner Roger Goodell, though having the felonies reduced to misdemeanors may soften the blow.

Smith, when on the field, has been one of the best defensive players in the NFL totaling 42 sacks in his three seasons with the 49ers.