NFL: Aaron Hernandez Reportedly Admitted To Killing By Accomplice

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The news isn’t getting better for embattled Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez as the two men who allegedly were with him the night of Odin Lloyd’s death have come forward about conversations they’ve had with him.

Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz were two of the men who were with Hernandez on the night of the shooting and after court documents were created to search Wallace’s house, he was arrested.

However, according to the Associated Press via, Ortiz heard that Hernandez admitted to the shooting:

“According to court documents released Tuesday, Ortiz told police that Ernest Wallace, a second alleged accomplice, told him the day after the shooting that Hernandez admitted to killing Lloyd.”

Hernandez is being held in jail without bail as a trial date has yet to be set, but it sounds like both of his accomplices are admitting to him committing the crime.

In the documents, it states that Ortiz and Wallace drove with Hernandez to the place that Lloyd was initially shot as Ortiz stayed in the car and heard gunshots.

While there hasn’t been a reason for the killing, there are reports that Hernandez was upset with Lloyd for hanging out with people he had a problem with.

Hernandez has entered a not guilty plea for killing Lloyd, but there is starting to be mounting evidence to suggest that he did in fact pull the trigger. Once the New England Patriots found out about the situation, they cut ties shortly after with the former Florida product and even allowed fans to give back their Hernandez jerseys.

Prior to taking him into custody, authorities searched Hernandez’s house and found that he damaged both his home security system and cell phone, where there was record of him speaking to Lloyd via text message.


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