Les Snead: ‘Too Early To Tell’ If Rams Will Use 2024 First-Round Draft Pick
Rams, Les Snead
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are in an unfamiliar spot after their surprise showing in the 2023 NFL season. General manager Les Snead is currently in possession of a 2024 first-round pick in the NFL Draft, making it the first time since 2016 that the Rams have the potential of actually selecting in the first round of the draft.

Trades for the No. 1 overall pick — Jared Goff — along with Jalen Ramsey, Brandin Cooks, Matthew Stafford and a draft night trade down all kept L.A. out of that first round for seven years in a row. But the Rams chose a different approach to team-building overall in 2023, making it possible that they use the 19th overall pick that they currently own.

Snead, though, is nothing if not aggressive and willing to make a splash. So while they own the pick in January, it remains to be seen if they’ll own that pick on April 25. Snead wouldn’t commit one way or the other when asked about the subject, via Adam Grosbard of the Southern California News Group:

The way Snead has approached his tenure as the Rams general manager, he could be planning anything with the 19th pick. He could trade it for a star player after the Rams found themselves further along in their retool than expected by making the postseason in 2023.

He could trade down to collect more future assets, or trade up to land an even better cost-controlled player. He could also stand pat and use the pick, which for Snead, feels to be the least likely scenario. Regardless, the Rams continue to be a team to watch on draft night, even if they don’t have any high selections, given the way they’ve drafted and traded over the years.

Les Snead endorses Raheem Morris

Although Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris has done an excellent job at shaping L.A.’s defense, Snead is no longer content to watch him be passed on for head coaching gigs around the league. He gave an emphatic endorsement for Morris.

“He’s going to give any organization an edge just how collaborative he is,” Snead said. “It’s going to be an edge that most teams aren’t going to be able to compete with. I know this, he’ll be able to hire an unbelievable staff. Every coach who’s any good, who’s qualified, they’re going to want to work for Raheem. And I’m pretty sure there’ll be a lot of tampering charges because just about every player in the NFL’s going to text him and want to come play for him.”