Les Snead Explains Why Rams Traded Up In 2024 NFL Draft To Take Braden Fiske
Rams rookie Braden Fiske
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With Aaron Donald retiring from the NFL, the Los Angeles Rams understood they needed to replace him with a committee of players.

Armed with a first-round pick for the first time in eight years, the Rams addressed their pass rush by taking Jared Verse. However, Los Angeles wasn’t done rebuilding its defensive line as they made an aggressive move up in the second round to select Verse’s Florida State teammate Braden Fiske.

Fiske’s stock quickly rose after he performed well at the NFL Draft Combine, but most considered the Rams’ trade up as too ambitious. However, Los Angeles has never been afraid to do what it takes to get their preferred players and they certainly believe in Fiske.

General manager Les Snead has earned a reputation for his dealings and he explained what went into the decision to move up for Fiske, via the team’s official YouTube channel:

“I think we had determined in the draft if as an example, which it worked out that way, if our first pick was a defensive player who played outside backer for us, we’re 3-4, one of our outside backers we really had an appreciation for Braden,” Snead said. “So, what we then said is, ‘If we go OLB first, let’s be aggressive to come get Braden with our second round pick.’ So now you go OLB and defensive tackle and then when we just continue reinforcing with the guys that we have here. BY, Kobie Turner, everyone else, Michael Hoecht, just continue reinforcing that defensive front.

“If we would’ve gone defensive, let’s call it tackle, with our first pick maybe we would’ve been less aggressive with trading up for Braden. But I can say we did discuss that. What if Jared would’ve gone and maybe Byron Murphy would’ve fallen and we take Byron Murphy there. We still thought about, ‘Hey let’s trade up for Braden.’ But it worked out nicely because we get an outside linebacker and a defensive tackle instead of two defensive tackles.”

It’s interesting to hear that Snead and the rest of the decision makers on the team were ready to take Fiske no matter how the first round played out. A tenacious and rugged defender with a high motor, Fiske would fit on any team and it’ll be exciting to see what he can do in his rookie season.

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