Lawsuits Finally Come To Greg Williams Over Bounty Programs

When the bounty program that was being ran by the New Orleans Saints and former defensive coordinator Greg Williams had first been discovered, it was widely known that there would be some hefty lawsuits coming the way of the coaches and players involved. No lawsuits have been thrown towards any of the Saints players, but Williams has just received his first one.

According to NBC Sports, Williams has been sued by a former NFL linebacker who claims to have been targeted by Williams’ bounty program while coaching the Washington Redskins.

Former NFL linebacker Barrett Green has sued the Washington Redskins, Williams, and tight end Robert Royal for a knee injury Green suffered in 2004, when Green

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played for the Giants. The lawsuit alleges that “Redskins coaches told their players to disregard criminal and civil laws, as well as NFL rules, to intentionally injure opponents.” Green also contends that he was “suspicious” Royal may have specifically targeted Green.

After the NFL announced the discovery of Williams’ bounty program with the Saints, players coached elsewhere by Williams claimed that he used a bounty system in other places besides New Orleans. The NFL opted not to investigate the use of bounties by other teams that employed Williams, possibly because the NFL realized that it was a much broader cultural reality of NFL football.

This lawsuit could drag the NFL into a hole. With players and coaches being questioned regarding the extent to which bounties were used in Washington, the Giants, the Saints, and perhaps other teams, more lawsuits can be coming and force the NFL to further his investigation of bounty programs around the league.