Kevin Demoff Announces Rams’ Practice Facility Move To Woodland Hills
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are looking like they’ll miss the postseason despite some competitive showings, though that always seemed to be the plan given their offseason moves.

After years of going all-in on a Super Bowl, the Rams are finally paying the price. However, the organization and the fans should have no regret considering Los Angeles brought home a championship.

Aside from the changes with the roster, the franchise is making some operational moves as they announced they are moving their practice headquarters to Woodland Hills ahead of the 2024 season. Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff expressed his excitement for the move when making the announcement, via Stu Jackson of

“It is nice (to be able to officially make the announcement,” Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff said after a celebratory ceremony held at the Topanga Village indoor-outdoor mall, which will be adjacent to the team’s Woodland Hills site. “You heard all these whispers, people in Woodland Hills saying, ‘Oh, I hear the Rams might be coming, who’s buying the Promenade?’ And then it’s, oh, the Anthem building is for sale and maybe you’re buying that, and then we were able to buy the Village. So it is nice to be able to stand up here and say we’re officially coming in 2024, that we do own these 100 acres.”

Demoff also added that the plan is for the business office in Agoura Hills to move next to the football side of things and believes that it’ll align the organization even more:

“I think it will be a great experience for them,” Demoff said. “When you sign up to join a sports team, you want to feel and be part of the team, and we haven’t had that point of connection except on gamedays, except at training camp. It will be amazing for our staff, and I think certainly for all of us to be in one place, to have that truly be the heartbeat (of the organization).”

It’s an exciting time for the franchise as it continues to plant its roots in Los Angeles, and it’ll be exciting to see what the new practice facility looks like when it’s finished.

Kevin Demoff says training camp won’t be held at new practice facility

Although the facility will be open before the start of next season, Demoff said the team will not host training camp there.

“Our vision has always been, and not just because it would be a little hot to hold training camp here in Woodland Hills, but we’ve always liked the idea of going away a little bit for training camp,” Demoff said. “UC Irvine’s been a great partner. We’ve looked in and around other places within Southern California. When we started at UC Irvine, it was always with the idea of being in Orange County, with the idea to move it, so we’re going to explore that moving forward, but it is not our current plan to hold training camp here. That could change at some point, but we would probably need an indoor facility, or certainly some shade, to make that happen.”

It will take some time, but exciting things are definitely coming for the Rams both on and off the field.