Jeff Fisher On Rams Run Blocking: ‘We Have To Get Better’

Despite the Los Angeles Rams getting their first win last Sunday there are still plenty of improvements to be made, particularly on the offensive end. The Rams have yet to get in the end zone and running back Todd Gurley has struggled to get anything going consistently.

One issue Gurley has faced has been seeing defenders in the backfield. Oftentimes Gurley has to get through guys just to make it back to the line of scrimmage and that just won’t work when the Rams offense revolves around its ability to run the ball.

As such it seems like the offensive line is something that must improve and head coach Jeff Fisher agrees with that assessment, though he believes some improvements have already been made (H/T Turf Show Times):

“We have to get better. I thought we improved, against Seattle – even though the numbers don’t reflect it – we were really close on a number of carries. With (RB) Todd (Gurley), he ran hard and hit the hole quick. When there’s an extra guy, an unblocked guy, it’s hard. That’s the nature of the run game. You have to be able to line up and say ‘Hey, whether there’s one or two extra guys, we’re going to line up and run it.’ That’s what we’re committed to.”

In fairness to the Rams offensive line, they have played two of the better front-7s in the league in Seattle and San Francisco. That however, can’t be used as an excuse. Quite simply the Rams have to be better up front.

Establishing Todd Gurley is essential as it will open up the play-action passes that the Rams want to use. Gurley is one of the best backs in the NFL so if he gets going it changes everything for the Rams. The season is only two weeks old so there is plenty of time for improvement, but something must happen soon.