Rams News: Jeff Fisher Laughs At Flag Incident During Matchup Vs. Patriots

The Los Angeles Rams faced off against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Week 13, in Jared Goff’s third career start. While facing off against an experienced Bill Belichick squad, the defense seemed to be ready for any option they had with Goff.

The Rams were unable to score a touchdown in the game until their final drive of the game, with the game well beyond being over. Towards the second half, Fisher stated that his plan was to get Goff some reps against a strong defense.

During a drive just into the third quarter, the Rams were driving down the field and were at midfield. Goff threw a completion towards the sideline, which was a questionable catch. It was ruled incomplete by the officials, but Fisher wanted another look.

He wanted to challenge the play, but had some trouble finding his challenge flag in the cold weather. After the game, Fisher described the scenario regarding his attempt to locate the challenge flag, via Dan Hanzus of NFL.com:

“Forever, [I’ve kept] my flag in my back right pocket of my coaching pants,” Fisher continued. “I was a little underdressed in the first half, I started to get cold, so I put some wind pants on and then I put a jacket on. I had this really long jacket, and then I was wired for NFL Films, and then I have a belt pack with two things on the side.

The play commentator had an accurate description for Fisher and the Rams, as the newly California based team wasn’t used to playing the cold weather. The joke was technically correct, as southern California does have it privileges when it comes to warm weather and the sun.

Fisher has had microphones attached to him all season, as the team was signed up for HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ since the beginning of training camp.

After making the adjustment to get a little warmer, Fisher forgot to properly relocate the challenge flag and couldn’t grab it to challenge the play. He described the ensuing conversation he had with the official:

“I had taken the challenge flag and I had stuck in one of the pockets of this big jacket, so when I walked up to the official, I said, ‘I want to review that catch. I think it’s a catch,’ and he goes, ‘Well, where’s your flag?’ I said, ‘It’s right here.’ I can feel it, but I can’t find it. And he goes, ‘Well, you need the flag,’ I said, ‘Just tell [referee] Jerome [Boger] that I’m challenging this and I’ll eventually find it for you.’ It was hilarious, it was just one of those funny moments on the sideline. It’s what happened. I could feel it, but I couldn’t find it.”

The Rams have lost seven of their last eight games, but the incident on the sideline caused the Rams to laugh at themselves a bit.

You can watch the incident unfold here.