Jeff Fisher Calls Out Rams For Leaking Two-Year Extension

Now that the Los Angeles Rams have parted ways with Jeff Fisher, the former head coach has not been shy about letting his feelings regarding the issues with the franchise be known.

In a season that began with high expectations, it quickly dissipated into a disaster. Naturally, it was not long before rumors began to swirl about the potential dysfunction brewing within the organization.

During an interview on FOX NFL Kickoff, Fisher expressed how frustrating “leaks” that spilled into the media were:

“It was never my place to announce the extension, so somehow it got out,” Fisher said. “Then that became an issue. None of it was handled appropriately, in my opinion. In this day and age, the successful teams in the National Football League are tight-knit. They work together and they stay quiet. They don’t leak things. And that was a frustration of mine.”

Although it is apparent the leaks hardly had any impact on the team’s performance on the field, the way some of the information surrounding Fisher was nonetheless strange.

After years of trying to get over the ‘7-and-9 bulls***,’ there had been rumblings about whether or not the Rams would consider signing him to an extension. It was later reported Fisher had indeed agreed to an extension following their first preseason game. Fisher quickly dismissed any notion of an agreement at that time, only for it to be later announced two weeks before his firing.

While it has not been the ideal homecoming the Rams were hoping for, Los Angeles could easily reverse their fortunes by signing a big-name head coach this offseason.