Forbes Ranks Rams 6th-Most Valuable NFL Franchise, Worth $2.9 Billion

If anyone ever wonders why the Rams decided to move from St. Louis to Los Angeles, this should answer that question.

The latest Forbes rankings of the most valuable NFL franchises has been released and the Rams have made a huge jump from the 28th-most valuable to the 6th-most valuable franchise.

The Rams doubled in value after their relocation and could be worth even more in the next few years via Forbes:

“The Rams doubled in value, to $2.9 billion, after moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles […] The Rams could soon be worth close to $4 billion if Stan Kroenke scores with his $3 billion mixed-use real estate project that could bring him hundreds of millions of dollars more than his team was making in St. Louis, net of the relocation fee he agreed to pay”

Money is everything and the Rams are definitely at a higher level now that they are in Los Angeles. Though they are still far behind the top team on the Forbes list.

The Dallas Cowboys are still far and away the most valuable team in the NFL, begin worth $4.2 billion. They are followed by the New England Patriots who are worth $3.4 billion. The New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, and Washington Redskins round out the top-5.

The next step for the Rams will be to get their level of play to what the city of Los Angeles expects. The embarrassing opening week showing against the 49ers won’t inspire confidence, but this is a long season.