DeMarco Murray Believes Tony Romo Gets Too Much Blame

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The Dallas Cowboys have been one of the biggest underachievers in the NFL the last few years. Saddled with playoff and Super Bowl expectations the Cowboys have only won a single playoff game since 1998 and Tony Romo has been the face of this era and main victim of scrutiny from fans and media.

Now equipped with a massive contract extension that has given Romo haters even more ammo the pressure has never been higher. But some players are coming to his defense and running back DeMarco Murray is one of the main supporters.

While appearing on ESPN today

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Murray said the pressure is on everyone, not just Romo via Pro Football Talk:

He will have a great year. I don’t think it’s Tony Romo himself. We have to have guys on the outside stepping up, guys in the front five stepping up and guys in the backfield stepping up. It’s not all on his head. He gets a lot of criticism, a lot of the blame. As individuals, we have a lot of talent and we have to make plays for him.

Coincidentally Murray is one of the main players who can make life easier for Romo. He provides the balance the Cowboys sorely need on offense as he has averaged nearly five yards per carry in his first two seasons. Unfortunately he has missed nine games in those two seasons and the Cowboys run game is abysmal without him.

With a healthy Murray, Jason Witten, Miles Austin, along with Dez Bryant beginning to emerge as one of the best wideouts in the NFL, and a new 4-3 defensive scheme, the pieces are there for the Cowboys to finally live up to some expectations.

With the Redskins hoping for a quick RGIII ACL tear recovery, the Giants just now locking up their star receiver, and all kinds of uncertainty coming from Philadelphia, the NFC East could be the Cowboys’ for the taking.


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