Danny Trejo, Eric Dickerson Kick Off Rams Food Truck And 2017 Season

Hollywood and sports go together hand-in-hand about as well as any other combination one can think of. Prior to their departure to St. Louis, the Los Angeles Rams personified that by producing some of the most entertaining players to ever grace the gridiron.

Players like Norm Van Brocklin, Deacon Jones, and of course, Eric Dickerson helped bring that Hollywood mystique to the football field where fans like actor Danny Trejo were able to soak it all in. Before his career as a successful actor, Trejo was just a local kid who used to sneak into the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to watch the Rams play.

“I love the Rams,” Trejo told Rams Nation. “I have been a Rams fan all my life. I used to sneak into the Coliseum in 1956 and 57 when the Rams were playing before they left. I used to have Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch and Norm Van Brocklin jerseys. When I was nine, I had a full Rams uniform. Wow, that was awesome.”

Needless to say, a lot has changed since then. As the owner of Trejo’s Tacos, his name and face have become a regular sight around the stadium on Sundays. Trejo talked about how special it has been for him to go from sneaking into the Coliseum to serving his trademark tacos and donuts to the fans of the Coliseum.

“I love it,” Trejo said. “I love being a Rams fan. When they left, I didn’t really have a team I was just kind of worried about the point spread. But now they’re back, I was like, ‘Win, lose, or draw, I got to be a Rams fan. That’s L.A.’”

Trejo has partnered up with the Rams to get fans ready for the 2017 NFL season by giving away football-themed donuts and tacos every day leading up to their Week 1 matchup versus the Indianapolis Colts. He has even enlisted Hall of Fame running back and Rams legend, Dickerson to help kick off the festivities.

Dickerson became one of the greatest running backs of all time during his tenure with the Rams. Although he did not finish his career in Los Angeles, Dickerson discussed how special it was to finally retire with the Rams after all these years.

Photo Credit: LA Sports Media

“It’s a great feeling because when you play for a football team, especially one you were drafted by, I think most players would like to retire from that team and play their whole career there,” Dickerson said. “I didn’t get a chance to do that — a lot of players back in those days didn’t — but that’s always been my team. The Los Angeles Rams. I followed them in St. Louis, don’t get me wrong. But when I would go there I would always say, ‘This seems odd.’ It felt different, but I supported the team. When they came back to L.A., I just thought it would be a perfect opportunity to actually retire as a Los Angeles Ram. And I’m glad I did it. I love my football team and I want my team to win.”

After over 20 years without a professional football team, Los Angeles now has two. However, it is clear that only one of them has a history that is deeply rooted in this city.

Along with the free donuts and tacos, the Rams Food Truck will be giving away team merchandise and tickets to the season opener at each location of Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts through Sept. 9.

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