Cowboys’ Joseph Randle To Face Fine For Shoplifting Arrest

The Cowboys running game this year has been in the news recently for dominating the NFL. Demarco Murray is leading the league in rushing and the offensive line has been imposing its will in the first six games of the season. For Cowboys fans this has been a dream come true. But, for the die hard fanatics that bleed silver and blue and obnoxiously post tweets that say “HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS” it has been a dream that they could easily wake up from.

This week back up running back Joesph Randle was arrested for shop lifting. While this story is light and easy to digest for the media, to the Cowboys coaching staff this situation is no laughing matter. Randle was caught at a local shopping mall in Dallas with a sample sized bottle of cologne and a bag of underwear. When the story initially came out funny memes were seen throughout social media. The cologne was oddly enough named “Gucci:Guilty Black” so many reports have been having a field day with the incident.

However, coach Jason Garrett said today that Randle will be “fined significantly”. for committing petty theft outside the lines of the gridiron reports ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

The Cowboys plan to keep Randle in the depth chart for this Sundays game against the New York Giants. This will be the Cowboys first divisional contest of the season so they will need all the help they can get.

Since this crime is a minor misdemeanor the Cowboys organization has decided to move forward as opposed to making this a prolonged issue. Randle is expected to get about 5-8 touches on Sunday so the only thing he should prepare to snatch and run with is the pigskin.