Adrian Peterson Says Rams Defense Is The Only One That Trash Talks Him

Ever since he stepped foot in the NFL in 2007, Adrian Peterson has been one of, if not, the premier running back in the league. Nothing has been able to slow him down as he embarks on a certain Hall of Fame career.

In any sport, trash talking is a normal part of games as players constantly talk back and forth. Some players develop a reputation as being someone you shouldn’t trash talk because they could make you pay for it and Peterson is likely one of them. And that apparently means nothing to the Los Angeles Rams.

According to Jim Wyatt of Titans Online, Peterson said that no defense trash talks him anymore, except for the Rams:

With the Rams possessing arguably the best defensive line in the entire NFL, and Peterson being one of the top running backs, it makes total sense that they would not be afraid to talk a little trash to Peterson.

Unfortunately that didn’t work out too well for the Rams last year as Peterson rushed for 125 yards and a touchdown in a 21-18 Vikings victory last season.

When you have talent such as Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald, and Michael Brockers, you shouldn’t be afraid of anyone and the Rams clearly aren’t. Barring a meeting in the playoffs, the Rams and Vikings won’t see each other this year so there won’t be a chance for the two sides to re-kindle their words, but next time they meet there will definitely be some friendly chatter.