Aaron Donald Rated Best Defensive Tackle On Madden 17

As football fans anxiously await the start of the 2016-17 NFL season, those who also share an interest in video games have gotten a sneak peek into the ratings of their favorite players for the upcoming release of Madden NFL 17.

After this year’s rookie class got to take a look at their ratings, Madden continued the love by releasing lists of the top players at each position. To no surprise, one of them happened to be Los Angeles Rams star defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who topped the list at his position.

While Donald has largely flown under the radar as the one of the premier interior lineman in the league, EA Sports have certainly taken notice by ranking him as the best by far with a 98 overall rating:

Although Donald’s rating may seem shocking given that no other defensive tackle ranked above 95, it is easy to see why the video game creators were so generous. It has become well-known that Donald possesses arguably the quickest first step in the league, which the video game confirmed with 90 acceleration. His burst is backed up by speed most quarterbacks in the game do not even have at 83 overall, which is also tops at his position.

While Donald’s physical attributes resemble that of a created superstar in Madden, his endless repertoire of moves at the line make him virtually unblockable. As much of a matchup nightmare that Donald now poses in the game, it most likely pales in comparison to what the two-time All-Pro has in store for offensive lineman this upcoming season.

Madden NFL 17 releases August 23, 2016.