Aaron Donald Enters Training Camp Below 10 Percent

As the Los Angeles Rams settle into their first Orange County training camp in over two decades, fans anxiously await to see what this young squad has in store this year. With lingering questions surrounding the receiving corps and secondary, one thing they do not have to worry about is the readiness of their All-Pro defensive tackle, Aaron Donald.

After yet another spectacular sophomore campaign, it is hard to imagine Donald finding any area of weakness in his game to improve on. However, the former Defensive Rookie of the Year continues to blow expectations out of the water as he recently revealed at the Rams press conference that he is entering camp below 10 percent body fat:

“I felt like I came in a lot better shape. I tried to lose a little bit of fat and put a little bit of muscle on, so I feel good, healthy. I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since I’ve been playing the game,” Donald said. “I had a little gut. It’s still there, but it’s just not as bad as last year.”

When asked about his body fat percentage, Donald revealed an impressive number with the media:

“During OTA’s, it was 10 percent, so hopefully it’s down from there. We’re going to see, I’ll let y’all know.”

If offensive lineman thought Donald was quick before, an even leaner version is seemingly on the brink of becoming the likes of something which the NFL has never seen.